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Top 5 Custom Strap Makers In Singapore

Watch straps are as important as the timepiece itself. Watch straps should work with the timepiece, not only purpose wise, but aesthetically as well. If you find that the watch strap isn’t working for you anymore, then it’s time to have it customised. In this article, we give you our top 5 custom strap makers around Singapore.

Today, we are going to focus not on the timepiece but on one of the most important part of your watches: the watch strap. When I’m appreciating a watch, I find it equally important to examine the watch strap as well. 

Vintage watch collectors often go to watch strap makers in order to fix or replace worn out bands. Some watches have unique lugs and the only way for you to get new straps is to have them customised. Correct strap length is also one of the main reasons to go to a strap maker. How many times have you experienced trying to put on a watch only to find out that it is too short on you or too long? 

Also, having your watch strap customised is an effective way to give it a more distinct and unique look. If you want a specific type of leather or stitch combination, then it is important for you to look for the right strap maker to give life to your vision.

The appeal of custom strap makers lies in their workmanship. There is a lot of creative work and skill involved in making custom watch straps, and the results are in itself a work of art. All things considered, if you find yourself looking for custom watch strap makers, take a look at some of the best ones we have curated below.

1) Solitaire Official

Solitaire 3
Solitaire Official is located at 14 Scotts Road, Far East Plaza #04-90 Singapore 228213

The first one on our list is Solitaire Official. This shop was founded by Artisan Ren Yi in 2013. They originally specialized only in handmade luxury watch straps but now offers a variety of customized leather goods. If you put together the best materials in the hands of a skilled and passionate craftsman, then expect high-quality output – which Solitaire Official guarantees.

There are many positive reviews online commending on both the craftsmanship and professionalism of Ren Yi when it comes to his work. Above are some of the watch straps that Ren Yi has worked on. You can explore their webpage to see more watch strap samples as well as watch brands that he is able to work on.

2) The J. Myers Company

Jmyers 1
The J.Myers Company is located at 12 Joo Chiat Terrace, Singapore 427183 & Watch Wonderland, Suntec City #01-470/472 North Wing, Singapore 038983

The J. Myers Company was established in 2010. The man behind the company is Jeremiah Ang. The team is composed of artisans and designers who share an appreciation for craftsmanship. You can  find them at a corner within Watch Wonderland,  a watch concept store in Suntec City, where they are able to let you choose the strap style, leather, stitching  and other customisation to go on your strap.

3) Stone for Gold Handcrafted

Stone for gold
Located at Stone For Gold Pte Ltd 141 Jalan Besar #02-01 Singapore 208859

Halfway through our top five custom strap maker pick is Stone for Gold Handcrafted. Stone for Gold was founded in 2008. The founder and creative director Xie Hui mentioned that handcrafting leather started as an obsessive pastime that escalated and became a fast-growing business. 


I find that their work has a very distinct style, rugged but not over the top with inspirations from steampunk and tribal punk evident from many of their straps.

All in all, if you want a bespoke piece that has a very specific design stylistically, consider checking them out.

4) Jason & Sherron Handmade

jns 1
Located at 14 Scotts Road #05-106 Far East Plaza Singapore 228213

Jason & Sherron has been in the business of making specialised watch straps and leather goods since 2006. They offer a wide variety of choices on both the construction methods and the materials used to make the straps.

What I like about Jason & Sherron is how they are able to make customised watch straps easy and accessible for all. Everything is presented to you on their webpage, from the leather material to the lug and buckle, how to take the correct wrist measurements, the stitch color, padding, and other special requests. All you have to do is choose! No-fuss!

5) SeventyFour Watch Straps

Image from

Lastly, we have SeventyFour Watch Straps. If you are a fan of alligator and crocodile leather, then this is for you. SeventyFour Watch Straps may not have a retail presence as the previously mentioned strap makers but you will find great leatherwork in the finished products.

Their Facebook page constantly showcases the  latest leather materials that they have on hand as well as some of the tailor-made straps that are up for grabs. 

Take Away

So, there you have it, there are a lot of watch strap makers out there aside from the five we mentioned above. What sets them aside it that they have stood the test of time and were able to build a following of their own. Bespoke straps on your timepiece will elevate your watch game when done right, so don’t hesitate to consult these leather ateliers on your strap needs, I’m sure they would be happy to assist you.

If you are looking out for different watch straps, check out our article here: Expert Guide To Watch Straps to help you look for the ideal watch strap that will fit you.

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