Top 5 Chronographs Under $500

Tired of choosing between style and breaking the bank? Here are five admirable watches compiled for you – all of which I’d be happy to call my own.

A timepiece that has two independent time systems – one being able to tell time, other being able to register elapsed time simultaneously – is known as a chronograph. Chronographs has the ability to time anything, from seconds all the way up to hours. It is basically a watch with stopwatch capabilities.

Introduced in the 18th century, chronographs have since been an essential part of our lives. We need them to measure precise time in a swimming competition. Also, to measure how much time is given to complete an exam paper. Not forgetting to measure how long to cook instant noodles so that they’ll be perfectly cooked.

At a time when hand-phones are becoming increasingly ubiquitous, a wristwatch is no longer just a socially acceptable accessory for men anymore but more of a personal style.

Tired of choosing between style and breaking the bank? Here are five of the best looking and affordable chronographs compiled for you – all of which I’d be happy to call my own.

1) Seagull 1963 – $389

The Seagull 1963

The watch is an official remake of the 1963 Chinese Airforce chronograph. The striking blue minute and hour hands complements the applied gold numerals and triangular markers, at the same time, making the red sweeping chronograph second hand stand out. Its sub-dials comprises of minutes up to 30 mins and seconds, down to a fifth of a second. Its great for someone who loves a vintage piece and a must have for any watch collectors.

Product Details:

Width (Case)Height (Case)Material (Case)CrystalWatch MovementWater ResistanceLug Width
38 mm11 mmStainless SteelScratch Resistant SapphireSea-Gull ST190130 meters18 mm

2) Timex Weekender (TW2R42800JT) – $85

The Timex Weekender (TW2R42800JT)
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The white dial with black hands and index hour markers contrasts perfectly making it easy to read. It comes with a two-piece black-leather strap that matches well with the watch face. Its three sub-dials displays 24 hours, 30 minutes and 60 seconds, allowing its owner to time anything. As its name suggests, its more of a casual and weekend watch rather than a watch worn for work. It is recommended for people with a more easy-going personality due to its relaxed nature.

Product Details

Width (Case)Height (Case)Material (Case)CrystalWatch MovementWater ResistanceLug Width
40 mm9 mmBrass & LLBMineral GlassQuartz Analog30 meters20 mm

3) Orient Neo 70’s (AKA Panda Chronograph) – $250

The Orient Neo 70’s (WV0041TX)
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The watch features a colour contrast between the dial and the sub-dial and a brilliant blend of black, white and silver. The thin index is layered on the inner bezel to create a 3D effect. The watch is solar-quartz which means it is rechargeable by sunlight, it is also compatible with both the formal and smart casual dressing. Furthermore, the rich details, imperishable components and luxurious quality makes this watch any man’s go-to accessory.

Product Details

Width (Case)Height (Case)Material (Case)CrystalWatch MovementWater ResistanceLug Width
42 mm11.7 mmStainless SteelCrystal GlassSolar-powered Quartz 100 meters22 mm

4) Straton Classic Driver – $299

The Straton Classic Driver
Image from:

The watch is not to be confused with the Straton Daily Driver which dial is reflective as compared to the Straton Classic Driver’s dial which is matte. It is known to be a reliable, hassle free, daily pick up and go watch. This simple beauty here has the highest water resistance at 200m as compared to all the watches on this list, the one coming in second is only half of it, the Straton Classic Driver is perfect for swimming, diving and many other aqua-related activities.

Product Details

Width (Case)Height (Case)Material (Case)CrystalWatch MovementWater ResistanceLug Width
40 mm12.5 mmStainless SteelSapphire Crystal with AR coatingMiyota 6S21 Quartz200 meters20 mm

5) SEIKO Classic Quartz (SSB293P1) – $315

The Seiko Classic Quartz (SSB293P1)

The watch collection is an effortless timepiece that is sculpted and designed for the sophisticated. Its sub-dials display 60 second, 60 minute and 24 hours unlike the commonly used 60 second, 30 minute and 24 hours. It is fitted with a drop resistant crystal to insulate any extra forces. As it is a casual watch, and with its water resistance, there’s no need to worry about going diving or doing other activities with this watch.

Product Details:

Width (Case)Height (Case)Material (Case)CrystalWatch MovementWater ResistanceLug Width
42.5mm13mmStainless SteelHardlex CrystalQuartz Analog100meters20mm

Final Thoughts: Ordinary watches are highly useful devices. But with chronographs, convenience is taken to a whole new level.

Functions like calendars, moon phase indicators, and GMTs all prove why chronographs are essential timepieces for professionals and luxury watch lovers alike. In addition, they allow wearers to look trendy and stylish. Therefore, make sure to buy the best chronograph watch according to your style, requirements, and budget.

A watch could be more than just an accessory, especially when they’re affordable, holds a sense of sentiment and can stand the test of time.

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