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What Is A Valet Tray?

Valet trays are undervalued and seldom discussed. However, there is a strong case to be made that each and every one of us require one in our daily lives. Don't believe me? Read on to find out more and you will wonder how you ever lived without one!

Singapore is a fast-paced metropolitan city. Most of us work long hours and are busy juggling between our work, family and social life. When we reach home, we tend to leave a trail of mess and leave our belongings everywhere. Valet trays are underrated accessories that have many uses and benefits to solve these problems.

Belongings neatly kept at home

Did you know? The valet tray is likely a modern variation of its ancestor- the clothes valet. It was used up to 200 years ago to organise clothing items. If our ancestors practised such superb routines, what is stopping us from following suit?

Photo Credits to Dornob

A valet tray helps to organise our personal possessions and makes it easier to locate them. Here are 4 main uses of a valet tray.

1) Home

Have you ever come home from work after a busy day and spend a long time finding your phone thereafter? Or what about the morning rush hour-do you frantically start searching for your keys when leaving the house? We have all faced these problems.

The valet tray is a stylish and convenient way to keep track of your everyday essentials while keeping your table neat. Here are some uses:


Keep the remote controls of various entertainment devices such as your TV, DVD player and game player all in one place. It is common to misplace one of your remotes and waste time searching all over your living room for it.


Instead of having a mess with your mail, magazines and newspapers lying around the table, organise your paper clutter neatly in a stack.

Mail should be filtered everyday when you return home after opening your letterbox. Only important documents should be kept in the valet tray. Flyers and brochures should be discarded if you are not keen on the product advertised.


Furthermore, plan and organise your every day essential items on the valet tray beforehand. The items can be anything from your car keys to Apple Air Pods. When you leave the house, simply grab the items in the valet tray. You run a low risk of forgetting your belongings and feeling frustrated.

House keys and Apple Air Pods stored after a day out

Additionally, take note to purchase your valet tray depending on how many goods you have. With this in mind, if you buy one that is too small, you may end up leaving stuff around anyway. It is better to buy a larger one to fit all your items in one place in order to maximise its effectiveness.

2) Jewellery & Accessories

Some men keep up with fashion trends by wearing chains, rings and watches. Instead of keeping them in drawers or cupboards, place your favourite accessories in a valet tray. It provides better accessibility and visibility to dress up and decide on a look.

Different accessories on top of a dresser

Also, you can mix and match different accessories and keep them in separate sections for each day of the week. You can also mix them according to colour and design to match your outfits and shoes. Gone are the days of wasting time deciding on a look.

When you are going to an important function and require a suit, keep cuff links, tie clips and a ring to give yourself a sharp and trendy look. Likewise, for a casual look, use a bead bracelet and a watch to go with shirt and sweatpants.

If you are interested in fashion tips on watches, do check out our other articles here.

This allows users to coordinate and improve their sense of fashion by planning beforehand and just having fun with what they have.

3) Workplace

In an office, it is important to be neat and tidy. We are judged by our employers for our attitude, hard work and ability to get the job done. However, an often-understated element is how we conduct ourselves. All of this can build up your reputation and lead to a promotion.

Working essentials in an office

Best of all, an organised desk shows discipline and it allows for greater efficiency in getting work done. A valet tray should divide personal belongings, stationery and office work.

For every minute spent in organising,

an hour is earned.

Benjamin Franklin

Workers can easily store their items when they arrive at work, as well as when they pack up to leave. Additionally, it provides them with comfort and a more professional appearance during meetings and presentations.

4) Travelling Abroad

Most valet trays are compact and can easily fit into luggage. When travelling abroad, it is important that we feel comfortable and at ease. Most hotels, hostels and Airbnbs do not provide a tray.

When I travel, I used to leave my items everywhere. Somehow my phone would be on the dresser, my wallet on the bed and my speaker in the toilet. It was a complete mess that could be prevented if I had invested in a valet tray. Also, you are less likely to forget to bring your essentials for group tours in the morning.

It also prevents us from misplacing items, and we can have peace of mind during the holiday. You wouldn’t want to ruin your holiday by forgetting your passport, right?

There may be some of you that are interested in a valet tray but are turned off by the price range. I have the perfect solution for you! You can make your very own valet trays at home with some affordable materials.

I will leave a link here which showcases a simple tutorial on how to make a leather valet tray. This is just an example. You can look through the web for countless articles and videos to find something that fits your style. Enjoy your free time customising your very own unique valet tray.

Finally, I bet this article has warmed you up to the idea of owning one! Honestly, I had my doubts but they quickly disappeared when I saw its remarkable potential. Valet trays have uses and benefits that are hard to ignore.

It may not be for everyone, but some of us cannot live without it. I would love to hear from some of you regarding your thoughts and experiences using a valet tray. Do leave a comment below!

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