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5 Places To Buy A Watch Box In Singapore

A place where our loved ones calls home. No I'm not talking about family, well at least it's close enough.

Yes by our loved ones, I mean our dear watches. We all need a home to stay in and our watches are of no exceptions, well at least their home are in watch boxes and not expensive houses in Singapore.

If you’re into collecting watches, it should be of no surprise that understanding quality watches aside, there comes a time you have to understand the place they’ll spend most of their time in.

Here are the top 5 places we’ve found that offers the best options for watch boxes.

1) Nomad Watch Works ($39 – $169)

Picture taken from NomadWatchWorks

The first place on our list has to be one of the most frequented place for Singaporean watch collectors due to their wide variety of straps they offer at an unbeatable price.

NomadWatchWorks started off purely as an online store and they’ve managed to open one retail store at Tampines Mall just last year. It was very well-received as many watch enthusiasts of all ages patronise the store really frequently due to their constant promotions and they offer strap changing services for free when you purchase any of their straps.

Nomad’s 6 slot watch box in Brown

Due to their reputation of providing quality straps at an affordable price, many customers requested more accessories and products in complement with their watches thus, they started bringing in new products since then and has brought in watch boxes too.

Depending on your collection, they offer a watch box of 6 slots up to 24 slots in both black and brown.

If you’re interested, do use our promo code “Nomad360” for a 10% discount! Don’t say we never jio!

2) Orient Crown ($160 – $2000)

Watch Boxes from Orient Crown

If the watch boxes over at Nomad doesn’t hit the spot, try visiting one of the specialised watch winders and boxes company in Singapore, Orient Crown.

They’re located in Marina Bay Sands and they offer the craziest watch winders you can imagine, from 32 slot watch winders to a whole watch winder cabinet (which costs $40,000 by the way if you’re wondering).

But don’t worry, their watch boxes comes in a much friendlier price.

Orient Crown’s 6 slot watch box

Friendly, however, is still subjective.

Their 6 slots watch box comes at a price of $161, which is 1.5 times the price when compared to the 6 slots box offered by Nomad. The box, however, has a lockable front lid and has a lacquer coated wood finish.

If you have a larger fleet, I really do hope your wallet is twice as large!

3) Misterchrono ($115 – $8,187)

Misterchrono’s most valued watch box

If you ever thought Orient Crown’s watch box is high-priced, Misterchrono’s highest value watch box could probably get you a Tudor or an Explorer 1. Don’t be astonished though, remember this is their most expensive watch box.

Misterchrono’s waterproof watch box

One of their best-sellers is their waterproof watch box which is able to store up to 8 watches. Personally, I think the build of the watch box is extremely solid and could probably handle a high-impact drop (don’t take my word for it, it’s only my opinion as I have a few friends who own this)

And with a price of $120, it isn’t really that bad after all.

If you’re not into such rugged cases, they also offer a leather travel case for 5 watches at only $115. Check out their website here if you’re interested!

4) Wolf Watch Box ($49 – $335)

WOLF’s Stackable Watch Tray

The next company on our list is WOLF, a 184 year old company that specialises in watch care.

The interesting thing about this company is that they invented the patent for counting turns per day (TPD) for their watch winders which ensures the watch stay wound but not magnetising the watches.

If you have no clue with regards to how watch winders work and if they are actually good for your watches, take a look at this article written by Mark which he dived deep on the pros and cons of a watch winder, click here for the article!

Watch winders aside, they offer really affordable yet good quality watch boxes. Their 6 slots watch trays which comes in 3 different colours costs only $49 and you are able to stack the trays!

If you’re not fond of a tray, just add $6 and it becomes a 6 slots watch box with a glass lid and ultra-suede lining.

Windsor Watch Box by WOLF

They also offer a 15 slots watch box with a lockable front lid and when compared to the other brands on our list, this is by far one of the more affordable options.

5) Trendhim ($89 – $249)

Trendhim’s Watch Boxes

Last but not least. Trendhim is a company that focuses on selling men’s accessories and jewelry, they offer a large variety of products from watches to sunglasses and the one that’s not to be missed, their watch boxes.

They are the only brand on this list that offer a single-watch-box which is really interesting if you travel with 2 watches as you’re able to switch it up and keep the other in place.

That’s not the reason they are on this list though.

24 Slots Watch Case

If you’re talking about bang for the buck, you really should consider checking out their 24 slots watch box! It’s priced at $349 yet it holds 24 watches. It is a briefcase-styled watch box and comes in a black faux exterior.

It may not have all the additional features such as a front lid lock or ultra-suede linings but if you have a ton of watches or perhaps share your storage with your loved ones or family members (this time I really mean your family members) it will probably fit the bill.

Do check them out with the link here.

Final Thoughts

We’ve gone through 5 of the best places to purchase a home for your beloved watches from the highest priced at $8,187 to a $49 watch tray, there will definitely be a one you’ll love!

As you can tell, do not only look at the prices or the amount of slots the watch box offers as the prices may vary. You can get a 24 slots watch box for a mere $350 while some brands offer a 6 slots watch box for a much higher price.

At the end of the day, it depends on the kind of box you are looking for.

If you own some of the holy grails of timepieces you should really consider purchasing watch boxes that are lockable.

I hope this article has given you a few choices to narrow down on and if you enjoyed the article, here’s 5 places you can go to repair your watches (really hope you really don’t have to read this!) click here for the article.

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  1. given that large watch sizes are quite popular, you should add that Wolf boxes have much wider spacing inbetween each slot, thereby minimizing the chance of accidental dings or scratches when removing/placing a large watch next to another.

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