The Meteorite Watch | Zelos Hammerhead II

Eccentric in all ways you could imagine (think meteorite), gentlemen, this might just be the coolest watch you will ever need

Here we are on our first dedicated, in-depth review of an exceptional watch or as we call it, the meteorite watch. This is unlike any conventional watch you could find but it is a distinct timepiece offering unorthodox features and specifications in its own right.

The Zelos Hammerhead II
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We had the Zelos Hammerhead II for a week. It presented itself with a bronze casing and as intimidating as it sounds in terms of the material used ( we knew it was made of bronze, we had no idea how heavy it was), it wears surprisingly well and it wasn’t as hefty as we thought it would be.

With its angular-shaped case, it hugs and stays firm on your wrist throughout the day, which does not behave like other heavy watches where it’ll slide from your “optimum” position. (Enthusiasts you know what I mean!)

The Unboxing Experience

The Zelos Hammerhead II Box
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I’m not sure about you guys, but my satisfaction of a product is not inclined with only the product itself, the experience starts with the packaging albeit some may not have a huge focus on this aspect.

As for Zelos, the company ensures that the experience of contentment begins with the unboxing, the packaging of the Zelos Hammerhead II was meticulously designed with every detail in mind as it makes its first appearance with a stunning box made from high-quality acacia wood.

The Hammerhead II comes with a watch roll by, of course, Zelos.
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Upon opening the box, you will be presented with a fine-looking, “Z” embossed watch-roll. The watch-roll is able to hold 4 watches and they are probably sufficient to hold a strap of smaller width beside your watch in the same compartment.

The Meteorite Watch
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Perhaps the most eminent feature of this watch comes from its dial and bezel insert. We call it the meteorite watch because needless to say, these parts of the watch are made from meteorite!

The lines on the watch are known as the Widmanst├Ątten pattern and they appear when the meteorite piece is chemically treated in a nitric bath or with intense heat. For the aficionados, you can learn more about the process here.

Case-back of the Hammerhead II
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Staying true to its name, the case-back of the Hammerhead II features 2 hammerhead sharks with comprehensive details.

We also noticed the overstated 1000m engraved on the back but this is something we will be talking about.


Moving on to its specifications, the meteorite watch comes with a 44mm case, 48mm lug to lug and a 22mm lug width. As menacing as it sounds, we promise it wears pretty nicely.

A domed-sapphire crystal and ceramic bezel insert gave this watch a heightened repute as it provides a flawless appearance.

An outstanding feature of this watch is the depth capabilities, you really don’t need a 1000m water-resistant but it feels really good knowing that it is so abled.

The Hammerhead II comes with the Seiko NH35 movement but Zelos provides the option of an ETA 2892 movement with the latter costing more. For this particular model, the one with the NH35 costs USD $699 while the 2892 movement sets you at USD $999.

Strap options are limited to only the rubber strap so we matched the case with a leather strap from NomadWatchWorks. It turns out to be an exceptional combination!

C3 and BGW9 Lumed Bezel, Dial and Dual Lume Hands
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The lume on the Hammerhead II caught us in a daze appearing in 2 different colours, green and blue. This is not commonly seen by many watches and it is a fresh touch by Zelos.

Lume on the crown of the watch
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Yes, the lume is also available on the crown of the watch.

Final Thoughts

Though on the pricier side, our sentiments for this plentiful watch suggests that it is really worth the purchase! Zelos have gone the extra mile providing everyone with a watch that offers more than you ask.

You may not really need all the extended, technical features but we’ll leave the decision to you.

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