The Cheapest Place To Buy The Seiko SKX007

A watch that is almost synonymous with it's brand, the Seiko SKX007 is the epitome of value.

If you are at least somewhat familiar with the world of horology, you would have definitely heard of the famed SKX007. Seiko climbed their way up the ranks of European watchmakers, proving to the world that quality timepieces could come from Asia.

The Seiko SKX007K on a leather strap.

Probably their most popular watch, the SKX007 is a diver’s watch which is beloved by the most professional of divers to those who just wear it for it’s aesthetic charm. One reason it is so well received is because of how much of a great value it is. In this article, we try to identify the cheapest place in Singapore where you can get your hands on your very own SKX007.

Just Some Background…

However, before we dive too quickly into where the cheapest place to get the SKX007 is, let’s take a quick look at the watch itself. The SKX007 is Seiko’s answer to the diver’s watch. It was first released in 1996, quickly rising to popularity for it’s great value in relation to it’s functionality, design and quality of it’s build. With it’s low price point it became an affordable option for those looking for a dive watch.

The watch uses Seiko’s own 7S26 Movement, which is honestly one of their most basic calibres. This movement is assembled just next door in Johor. This is one of the reasons why the SKX007 is able to market itself at such an affordable price point. But don’t be fooled, the 7S26 movement isn’t some brittle snowflake. It’s a solid movement which can hold up against significant beatings, much like the rest of the watch. However, should the watch ever need servicing, rest assured that service costs are also low because of the low cost parts used in the movement.

Where To Buy The SKX007

RetailerPromotional PriceUsual PriceOnline Only
Sky WatchesS$392S$411No
Creation WatchesS$434S$539Yes
A table comparing the prices of the Seiko SKX007K1 amongst different retailers.
Information as of May 2020.

Sky Watches

The first retailer is one that all veteran watch buffs on the little red dot will be familiar with. Located on level 3 of People’s Park Complex in Chinatown is Sky Watches.

The storefront of Sky Watches. Image from: Sky Watches Facebook page.

With a wide selection of Seiko, Orient, Citizen and Casio watches, Sky Watches is the go to retailer for many when it comes to these brands. The staff are friendly and accommodating with customers. Do research your watch prices before heading down because if you are lucky, you might even be able to negotiate prices. On their website, the SKX007K1 is going for S$392 during sales.

Creation Watches

Next up we have Creation Watches, an online-only watch retailer. The local company ships a wide array of watch brands worldwide. With fast and secure shipping, they have received a positive reputation with buyers from all over the world and locally. The SKX007K1 is listed on the website at S$434 when on promotion. Compared to the other retailers on the list, this price would be on the higher side. Whether the reputable service is worth the extra cash is ultimately up to you to decide.


With more than ten physical stores in shopping malls island-wide, you have probably walked past one of their outlets during your day off. Amongst many other brands, including fashion brands, is Seiko. Almost a staple to find in watch stores, Seiko is evidently available in H2Hub‘s selection of watches. In this selection, you will find the SKX007K1 at about S$342 when it is on promotion.


If we’re talking about the cheapest place to get anything, including the SKX007, we probably have to look no further than on Carousell.

Every local is familiar with Carousell. Although infamous at times because often abused by scammers, if one peruses through the many sellers you can often find hidden gems. Although more well known as a platform for secondhand goods, some eCommerce retailers use Carousell to sell brand new first hand items. Watches are no exception.

Sellers like Sirius Watches are a well-reviewed and trusted trader of first hand watches. With a history of six years of sales on Carousell ( and a 4.99 out of 5 from 500 plus reviews), Sirius Watches is definitely somewhere you can consider buying your SKX007K1. Going at only S$260, this is the cheapest listing for the watch on this list.


As mentioned earlier, the advent of eCommerce platform websites like Lazada has allowed online-only retailers to reach a wide market. TimeYourTime is an example of such a retailer. They offer many watch brands, including Tissot, Seiko, Casio, Citizen, Timex, Swatch and many more. The SKX007K1 is also part of their extensive catalogue at S$335.


Most Singaporeans would know that Qoo10 is a great place to find good deals. On the site, you would find watch retailers like Precious Watches and amongst other brands such as Casio in their catalogue, you will once again find Seiko. Expect low prices for the watches you are looking for. The SKX007K1 that we have been keeping our eyes on is in their listing at S$295.

How Much Are They Worth?

A problem many face when purchasing a watch is usually not knowing how much the watch is actually worth. You would find different shops selling the same watch at drastically different prices. Buying a watch is usually not a cheap ordeal. After all, these timepieces are meticulously constructed works of art.

So when talking about the Seiko SKX007, how much should we be paying exactly? With the discontinuation of the well-praised watch in 2017 (Seiko always does this), has the value of the SKX007 been affected?

The SKX007 boasts a very legible dial luminosity.

Comparing the price of the watch about four years ago to the price of the present day, you will see a difference. It’s expected seeing as how the supply of this watch has been cut off. This means that there is only a finite number of SKX007 watches in the world today. However, because of it’s initial low cost and popularity, back when it was in production, it was extremely mass produced. So don’t expect your SKX007 to be as highly sought after as an F.P.Journe.

As of 2020, I personally feel you should not be paying any more than S$350 for an SKX007K1.

In Conclusion

With the information above that has been sourced by your’s truly for your convenience, I do hope that getting your hands on your very own SKX007 will prove itself to be a less daunting and/or troublesome experience. Knowing where the cheapest place to get the watch should help considerably, after all the SKX007 is a watch that every watch enthusiast should consider owning, simply for it’s value.

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And once you do finally attain your very own SKX007 you will begin to understand how much of a strap chameleon it is. The watch literally goes with any style of strap. If you do find yourself interested in getting new straps, do check out my review on NomadWatchWorks, a local watchstrap brand ( there’s even a promo code you could use, found in the article ).

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