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NomadWatchWorks – Brand Review (Promo Code Included)

Let’s put it out there, I’m the kind of guy who loves changing his watch straps. As I’m sure many are, changing watch straps almost mimic the thrill of getting a new watch. In this article, we take a look at the NomadWatchWorks brand, or Nomad as I shall refer to them for convenience sake. We shall explore the many different watch straps they carry in their catalogue.

By now, most watch enthusiasts on our sunny island of Singapore have probably heard of this brand. In fact, the brand name is almost synonymous with the watch strap market here. Coming up as one of the first results on a Google search for ‘watch straps Singapore’, the reputation of Nomad is undeniably existent. Moving forward, we take a look at the quality versus cost of their straps and aim to evaluate their value.

In case you are wondering, Nomad360 is a sub-brand of NomadWatchWorks. This article, however, will be based on my very own unbiased opinion.

The Catalogue

Firstly, let’s take a look at the assortment of straps they have in their catalogue. While it is common for watch strap brands to specialise in a specific type of strap, such as focusing on leather straps, Nomad is more of an all-rounder. Carrying nylon, rubber, leather, fabric, hybrid and even some metal straps, they have a wide array of straps for you to choose from.

The website is easy to navigate, getting you straight to the type of strap you want to view. With a selection as vast as Nomad‘s you’ll find yourself browsing endlessly. I have already received my new straps and i shall review them in the following paragraphs.

Product Quality

Let’s get straight to the main event, reviewing the quality of the products. For reference, I ordered a suede, rubber, canvas, marine nationale, and leather strap. My review will be based upon these products, weighing their quality in relation to their prices.

Suede Strap

Nomad‘s Premium Vintage Suede watch strap – S$26.00 ( as of 19/04/2020 )

We kick things off with a suede strap. Particularly, it is the Premium Vintage Suede. With a simple yet pleasant design, it can pass of as both casual and a little bit dressy. A simple stitch pattern by the springbars are the only form of aesthetic design on the strap. Made of stainless steel, the buckle is nothing special, but works well and serves it’s purpose.

The watch band’s size is clearly shown on the underside.

A small detail which i personally love, which whilst not exclusive to Nomad’s brand, is the size of the strap is debossed into the strap. This adds plenty of convenience to the process when I’m changing between watch straps.

Rubber Strap

A personal favourite for many, the rubber strap is a popular choice amongst watch enthusiasts because of their long life spans and resistance to water and the elements in general.

Nomad‘s Flex Rubber watch strap – S$30.00 ( as of 19/04/2020 )

Made from a high-density rubber, the Nomad Flex Rubber strap is both extremely durable and flexible. As a watch band meant for active and outdoor use, comfort and tolerance to the outdoor elements are probably your key concerns. This strap excels in both those categories. Another plus is that it uses a quick-release springbar system, enabling you to change out the strap more easily and efficiently.

Design-wise, the Flex Rubber strap has quite a standard design of a raised ridge in the middle, down the length of the band. It tapers towards the buckle and towards the end of the strap. There is not much to say about the design, the point of the strap, after all, lies mostly in it’s functional use, which it possesses without a doubt.

Canvas Strap

The king of casual, the canvas strap is one you should definitely have in your inventory. Whilst not suitable for the office or fancy dinners, the canvas strap offers a great amount of style balanced with comfort. Although not as durable as a rubber strap, a canvas strap achieves aesthetically where a rubber one does not.

Nomad’s Olive Quick Release Canvas watch strap – S$20.00 ( as of 19/04/2020 )

From Nomad‘s catalogue, I ordered myself the Quick Release Canvas watch strap. The watch strap is named after the quick-release mechanism it utilises, just like the aforementioned rubber strap. Although a little stiff, this can probably be attributed to the fact that you need to break-in the fabric for it to get more comfortable.

With a very rugged military-esque design, it suits field watches extremely well, giving them that outdoorsy look they deserve. The stitching on the bands are done well, neat and regular. Along with having no visible defects, this strap feels thick and durable.

Marine Nationale

Nomad‘s Navy/white Marine Nationale watch strap – S$25.00 ( as of 19/04/2020 )

To be honest, I was not even aware this style of strap existed before I came across it on Nomad‘s website. Yes, I know, living under a rock. That being said, the moment I tried the strap on for the first time, I got hooked (pun intended). The marine nationale is a single band styled watch band which utilises a hooking mechanism to secure the band.

I was amazed by the amount of comfort it provided and how easy it was to put it on. Being fairly lazy, there are days when I choose which watch to wear solely based on how easy it is to put it on. Made from an elastic nylon webbing, it is stylish, flexible and lightweight. It is a great choice for casual and/or outdoor activities.

A detail which really impressed me was on the product page for the marine nationale strap on Nomad‘s website, a link to a video on how to install said strap can be found. This is useful because I genuinely had no clue on how to do so without the video.

Leather Strap

Finally, we take a look at the leather strap. In particular, the Genuine Croc Pattern Leather Butterfly Clasp watch strap. Do note that the strap is made of genuine calf leather, with a crocodile pattern finish. The butterfly deployment clasp is made of stainless steel.

Nomad’s Genuine Croc Pattern Leather Butterfly Clasp watch strap – S$28.00 ( as of 19/04/2020 )

For those unfamiliar with the mechanism of a butterfly deployment clasp, it is basically a buckle which allows a leather band to open and close in the same way a metal bracelet does. It achieves this by utilising a locking mechanism between two metal hinges. Attached to the end of the two pieces of a leather watch strap transforms it into a singular piece, opened and closed using the butterfly clasp.

This enhances the overall aesthetic of the watch while making it a lot easier to put onto and remove from your wrist. The strap has a crocodile pattern as mentioned before, finished with a nice stitching. I do think that at the given price it does actually achieve a good look. It is definitely a cut above the usual quality of appearance of watch straps in this price range.

It isn’t as stiff as some other leathers straps would be straight out of packaging, but it does seem durable. Whilst the locking mechanism is a far cry from those of luxury watches, it serves it’s basic purpose. All things considered, I’m not really a big fan of butterfly clasps and the one from Nomad, although possessing adequate quality, is still insufficient in converting me into a user.

Website and Logistics

Having taken a look at their products, we now turn our attention towards the logistical side of their brand. Nomad‘s website is clear and concise. Navigation towards the various type of watch strap you are searching for is easy. You can search by size, material and style of watch strap. After ordering, Nomad often gives a promo code for your next order which is temptation enough for me to continuously order from them. Delivery was extremely fast for me, receiving it within three working days.

In Conclusion

Overall, looking at the level of quality in both products and service, I can understand why NomadWatchWorks is as reputable as they are. With their friendly prices and fast service, you’ll easily find yourself buying from them on a regular basis. I’ve only covered a small selection of the straps from their gargantuan collection, leaving me plenty of space to explore. Do check them out if you are ever looking for a new stylish watch strap to go with your favourite watches.

By the way, do use the promo code, “nomad360” for 10% off when you shop with NomadWatchWorks. Just a little treat for our dear readers.

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