Monsieur Watches – Review (Promo + Bundle Included)

In this digital era, it's nice to understand the intentions of how watches was used back in the day, Monsieur Watches recalls.

The past few watch reviews that I’ve done were really interesting, from assembling my own watch to reviewing a watch that pays homage to the watch back during World War II. This time around let’s combine two of the top men’s favourite, cars and watches. Monsieur is a micro brand that recalls the spirit and tradition of racing and how chronographs were actually used back in the day.

Before the legendary Omega Speedmaster went to the moon and was greatly associated with the Moon landing of NASA, the origin of what a chronograph watch was used for was to time horse races where the user was able to use the Tachymeter of the watch to measure the distance and speed. It quickly evolved and was used by race car drivers to time their lap.

We got our hands on Monsieur Watches’ Ranomo Series in both Panda and Reverse Panda and both colourways feature a 0S21 quartz movement from Miyota and an automatic Seagull ST1901 Hand-Wound movement.

Ranomo & NomadWatchWorks

Monsieur Ranomo Panda

I immediately fell in love with the Panda dial when I received the watch and when it comes with the rally strap, I know Monsieur means business. If you didn’t know, this kind of straps are known as rally straps due to the holes that resemble the racing gloves of the drivers back in the ’70s (there a few variations of the rally straps but this one resembles the holes found in the knuckles of the glove)

You may be confused with the NomadWatchWorks branding found in the picture but it’s a blessing in disguise, for you! Monsieur and NomadWatchWorks are partnering up together and when you purchase any of the Ranomo Series from NWW’s website, you will be receiving an excellent bundle deal, not just a 10% discount from the purchase, but also 3 straps that come along with it.

As we go through the article, I will show you the straps + the discount code, however, if you’re already screaming “TAKE MY MONEY” here’s the link to the site!

Premium NATO Straps

Monsieur Ranomo Reverse Panda with Premium NATO Olive & Premium NATO Bond

The whole Ranomo Series comes in the same dimensions with a 38 mm case, 20 mm lug width and a 10 mm thickness. If you cannot tell already, the beautiful ray of reflections on the dial is due to the Domed Sapphire crystal, it also resists water for up to 50 meters as well.

1 of the bundled strap will be a Premium NATO strap in either Black, Olive, Grey, Navy or the Bond showcased in the picture.

Premium Vintage Oil-Waxed

Monsieur Ranomo Panda with Premium Vintage Oil-Waxed Navy

Perhaps one of my favourite combo besides the rally strap that comes with it when you make a purchase is NomadWatchWorks Premium Vintage Oil-Waxed strap that pairs astoundingly well with the Panda dial. For your pleasure, it will be part of the 3 bundled straps in your purchase. The Premium Vintage Oil-Waxed will come in either Black, Brown, Tan or Navy.

The beauty about the Ranomo with a 38 mm case is that it wears really well on almost any kind of wrist and pairs with any strap to perfection.

Monsieur Ranomo Reverse Panda with Premium Vintage Oil-Waxed Brown

With no exceptions, the Reverse Panda looks simply exquisite with the Premium Vintage Oil-Waxed in Brown and it alleviates the look of the sub-dials due to its contrast with the strap. It’s an interesting touch by Monsieur to have the sub-dials of the Reverse Panda to be in steel as for the most part, most Reverse Panda watches’ sub-dials are either in white or cream.

This is not even close to my favourite part of the watch, not yet.

Basic Rubber Straps

Monsieur Ranomo Panda and Reverse Panda in Basic Rubber Grey and Premium NATO Bond

The final mix of the bundle will include the Basic Rubber strap in either of the four colours, Black, Navy, Grey and Olive. The rubber strap looks seamless together with the Ranomo as it forgoes the details of the strap and maximises focus onto the dial of the watch. You can definitely bring this piece underwater now but remember, 50m is as far as it goes!

Final Thoughts

As much as I love the cream and black dials the Ranomo has to offer, my favourite part of the watch goes to the exhibition case back which flaunts the beauty of the ST1901 Movement. If you have read my previous article on how I assembled my own watch, you’d noticed my love for mechanical movements, if you missed it but it sounds interesting to you, here’s the link to that article.

Seriously, I could peer at the movement for days and if I may share, chronographs are also my favourite types of watches. I have a few chronographs in my collection like the Speedmaster but what makes this so different is the opportunity to get in touch intimately with the heart and soul of your watch.

Promo Code

If you fancy this watch as much as I have, do take advantage of the deal NomadWatchWorks has to offer, on top of that use “nomad360” for an additional 10% discount upon your purchase.

Both the Ranomo Panda and Reverse Panda in Mechanical is priced at $549 SGD before the 10% and for the Quartz, it’s priced at $289 SGD.

For your convenience, here is the link that takes you directly to the page!

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