Gifts for Father’s Day 2020 (Watch Edition)

If it's the thought that counts when getting a gift, you can't get any more thoughtful than a nice watch.

It’s a problem we all face, trust me. No, I’m not talking about feeling hungry right before bed, I’m talking about buying gifts. Yes, that ever persistent struggle in which we rack our brains over thinking of the perfect gift to get our loved ones. With Father’s Day lurking right around the corner, it’s probably time you started thinking about what you want to get your dear parent.

Fear not, as it is my duty through this article to help alleviate the stress induced upon you by this colossal task. We shall explore the many gift ideas which would put a smile on any father’s face. Since watches are the language here at Nomad360, I aim to offer the best support in a horological form.

We’ll be taking a look at different gift ideas at different price points so that you can decide for yourself which gift would suit the recipient best.

Below $100

Firstly, we take a look at gifts below $100. In terms of watches, $100 probably seems like a pretty tight budget to work with. However, let’s take a look at accessories which even the most hardcore and enthusiastic horologists would appreciate. From watch winders to watch straps, this category is a lot more vast than you would expect.

Tresor M1-CF Watch Winder

The Tresor M1-CF by Tresor. Image from:

It’s not easy to find a good watch winder for less than $100 but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. After all, we don’t want to buy a watch winder which actually causes more harm to our precious watches than good. With a sleek and modern design, the Tresor M1-CF definitely serves as a head turner. It is currently on sale and going for $99, so technically it is within the budget before father’s day, so get it while the sale is still available!

Durability and aesthetics are both provided from it’s solid carbon fibre casing. The winder rotates in a clockwise, anti-clockwise or in a bidirectional rotation cycle. As I have mentioned in my precious article on watch winders, the most important aspect to look out for is in whether or not the winder would cause harm to our watches. Over winding is a problem which comes from a winder continuously rotating the watch within. The Tresor M1-CF however, functions on a unique “turn-and-rest” program, rotating the watch only a set number of times per day, from 650, 900, 1200 or 1500, thus preventing over winding.

Watch Travel Pouch

Leather Watch & Strap Roll in Brown by NomadWatchWorks. 69.00 SGD.

Travelling abroad is probably not on everyone’s list right now, however, when things die down and we all are back to our normal lives, I’m sure many of us will be looking to travel to celebrate our new found freedom. When we do, we’re going to want to take our watches with us, and what better way to keep them safe and protected than having a nice new travel pouch for them?

3-Slot Watch Travel Pouch by Tresor. 24.90 SGD. Image from:

Travel pouches are a great way to store an extra watch as you travel overseas for prolonged time periods. Designed to protect the watch as it sits in our luggage or handcarry, we definitely want them protected in case unexpected turbulence hits or that one guy decides to crush our bags in the overhead compartment with that box that definitely should have been checked in to the cargo.

Below $250

Taking a look at gifts in this price range, we have a little more to play with. At this price point, you can even find some nice watches to get your dad. If your dad or whoever you’re buying this gift for isn’t even into watches, getting them timepieces in this price range might be a good way to start them off.

Orient Bambino

Image from:

If dad isn’t much of a watch man yet, why not make him into one? You would have to look no further than the Orient Bambino. This watch is responsible for turning many, myself included, into insatiable watch fanatics. With a beautifully balanced design, and elegant aesthetic, the Bambino is the first automatic watch for many interested in getting into watches.

Orient Mako II

Image from:

But maybe dressing up isn’t the right thing for him right now. Maybe dad’s at that age where he wants to take it easy. If so, perhaps the Orient Mako II would be a better choice for him. A casual looking diver watch, the Orient Mako II offers a lot at it’s affordable price point. With water resistance of up to 200m, he can enjoy his relaxing swims with this watch on.

Below $500

Creating a little more wiggle room, we approach the next budget of gifts below $500. We take a look at some popular watch choices as well as storage and accessories which would not have fallen under the earlier categories, mainly due to cost.

Seiko SKX007

The one and only SKX007 by Seiko has got to be one of the most popular watches on the planet today. Known for it’s unbeatable value, the SKX007 is a watch which has proven itself to be amongst even the most glorified of watch brands. Wearable in almost any thinkable situation possible, the watch is the perfect everyday watch which suits the lifestyle of anybody whether they are outdoorsy or planted at a desk the entire day. It’s also important to note that they are attainable for less than $300 so it narrowly missed being in the previous category.

BOLDR Venture Series

Image from:

Local brand BOLDR has begun rising to prominence since their launch. Their aim to provide affordable yet well-manufactured and durable watches has given birth to a great range of watches which in my opinion possess a great personality. Here, we take a look at the Venture series, which houses a Japanese NH35A automatic movement. Further more, with a titanium case, sapphire crystal, water resistance to 200M and a screw-down crown to boot, you wouldn’t believe that this amazing watch would only set you back $299.

Wolf Cub Watch Winder

Image from:

Wolf watch winders are world renown for their reliability. With a good reputation in this price point, if you’re willing to spend a little extra for a watch winder it would definitely go a long way to go with a Wolf watch winder. Possessing a clean, simple and uncomplicated design, the Cub Watch Winder serves as a beautiful and function home for your most precious of timepieces.

Below $1000

And we arrive at our final destination, being our final price point. Of course, no implication is being made that the more expensive the gift is the better. But it usually is, isn’t it?

Steinhart Ocean 1

Image from:

Made in Switzerland, the Ocean 1 by Steinhart houses a Swiss made automatic movement. The diver watch has a solid stainless steel case and a beautiful, and not to mention, complimenting ceramic bezel. It possesses water resistance up to 300M and a sapphire crystal with an anti-reflective layer which boasts legibility. All in all, Steinhart Ocean 1 is definitely a watch which exhibits great value to those who love diving, swimming or just appreciate a really good looking watch.

Tissot Heritage Visodate

Image from:

Luxury watch maker Tissot offer many beautiful watches to the market in this price range. The embodiment of class and elegance, their watches look good at any formal occasion. However, as a gift for dad, we turn our heads slightly to take a look at another famous piece from them. The Tissot Heritage Visodate, whilst still dressy goes for a more vintage stylised look.

Mido Ocean Star & Baroncelli Heritage

If you’re looking at watches below $1000, you would be crazy to overlook Mido. In particular, I recommend the Ocean Star or the Baroncelli Heritage. The Ocean Star is a fantastic diver’s watch. Well made and gorgeously designed. Fitted with the automatic Caliber 80 Si movement, the watch offers great shock resistance and an 80 hour power reserve.

The Mido Ocean Star. Image by: Kenny Yeo
The Mido Baroncelli Heritage. Image from:

The Baroncelli Heritage however, is a refined and sophisticated watch by design. Stunning composition paired with the bewitching texture, the dial of the watch is in itself a work of art.

In Conclusion

With these suggestions I hope you will be able to make a well thought out decision when purchasing that special gift for that very special person you call dad. Whether he is a watch enthusiast himself or whether you just want to share that little bit of passion you have for horology with him, getting him any of the gifts mentioned above is bound to put a wide smile across his face.

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