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5 Top Custom Strap Makers

Watch straps are as important as the timepiece itself. Watch straps should work with the timepiece, not only purpose wise, but aesthetically as well. If you find that the watch strap isn’t working for you anymore, then it’s time to have it customised. In this article, we give you our top 5 recommended custom strap makers.
How much are you willing to pay, for the strap going along with your timepieces?

I used to believe that the strap is the most negligible aspect of owning a timepiece, until I started owning more straps and watches. For my vintage pieces, the faux leather strap worn by the previous owner just couldn’t cut it for me, so I started looking at local strap makers.

To some, paying a premium for custom-made strap just isn’t worth it. But personally, if there is a leather-strapped watch I love, I would want to bring out the best of it. While off-the-shelve alternatives may look good, nothing beats one specifically made to fit your aesthetic and wrist.

Crafting a strap isn’t just about cutting and stitching a piece of leather together, there involves a creative element and attention of detail of transforming say, a hide of an animal to a perfectly fitting strap not only for the watch itself but the wearer as well.

Today, we are showcasing 5 strap makers to bring new ‘shoes’ for your beloved pieces.

1) Delugs – Singapore

Delug’s website home page:

With a very focused theme of catering to watch-owners only, Delugs is able to provide a comprehensive selection. Their offering include ready stock straps, custom-made and even accessories such as handmade watch zip-cases!

From a ‘Slim Rally Epson’ to a ‘Signature Himalayan’ strap, the possibilities are truly endless.

Delug’s Instagram Page:

What’s great with their online-only shop is that you can specify your desired customised strap on their site template. So for those wanting to scratch the new strap itch amidst this pandemic, check it out here.

2) Solitaire Official

Solitaire 3
Solitaire Official is located at 14 Scotts Road, Far East Plaza #04-90 Singapore 228213

Next on our list is Solitaire Official. This shop was founded by Artisan Ren Yi in 2013. They originally specialized only in handmade luxury watch straps but now offers a variety of customized leather goods. If you put together the best materials in the hands of a skilled and passionate craftsman, then expect high-quality output – which Solitaire Official guarantees.

Solitaire’s Instagram Page:

There are many positive reviews online commending on both the craftsmanship and professionalism of Ren Yi when it comes to his work. Above are some of the watch straps that Ren Yi has worked on. You can explore their webpage to see more watch strap samples as well as watch brands that he is able to work on.

3) The J. Myers Company

The J.Myers Company is located at 12 Joo Chiat Terrace, Singapore 427183 & Watch Wonderland, Suntec City #01-470/472 North Wing, Singapore 038983

Established in 2010,The man behind The J. Myers Company is Jeremiah Ang. From personal to corporate offerings, J.Myers allow for flexibility between concepts for parties of any size.

Although there are various leather goods offering of any design, J.Myers seem to have a nick from watch straps. In fact, they have a workshop dedicated for watch owners.

Photo Credit: @pelican_oh on Instagram

If you have been looking for retail stores selling Microbrands, I am sure you have heard of Watch Wonderland. Tucked away in the corner, there exists a small workshop catered for this company’s operation. Interestingly, Custom strap ends can be created on the spot with their 3D printer.

Occasionally, they also hold leather and watch assembly classes, for more information, check out their webpage!

4) Stone for Gold Handcrafted

Stone for gold
Located at Stone For Gold Pte Ltd 141 Jalan Besar #02-01 Singapore 208859

“Bring your stone and trade it for gold” said Xie Hui, the founder of the brand which creatively analogises our introductory statements into its name.

Stone For Gold’s Instagram Page:

With a focus on Motorcycle, Cars and Watch for their leather crafts, Stone For Gold brings an interesting aesthetic to the table. With deep rich colors and strong accents, their crafts seems to convey a sporty yet luxurious attitude.

All in all, if you want a bespoke piece that has a very specific design stylistically, consider checking them out.

5) JADY and TIME Handcrafted

Last but not least, If you are a fan of Crocodile, Alligator or Epsom leather , this store is for you. While Jady and Time may not have a local presence as the previously mentioned strap makers , you will find equally great leatherwork in their products.

Based in Hà Nội, productions ordered are handed over twice a month, although it seems like a rather long-waiting time, you will notice that they are priced very competitively.

Jady and Time’s Instagram:

Like most others in this list, “Quality over Quantity” is something Jady and Time strive for and set as their motto. You can make orders through Facebook, Instagram and even on their Carousell page!

Take Away

Simply put, while sourcing off-brand straps may be cheap and get the job done, nothing beats a personal pairing, handmade by these strap makers. If you have a certain timepiece that you find yourself keeping and wearing for long, consider it a sane investment as a daily wear!

If you are looking out for different watch straps, check out our article here: Expert Guide To Watch Straps to help you look for the ideal watch strap that will fit you.

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