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Leather Guide – Buttero Leather

When discussing the traditional method of veg-tanning, the colours Black and Brown come to mind. Not Buttero leather though, take a look at the huge array of colours you can find them dyed in.

Image: MIll Handmade

With the added factor of vibrancy, it is no wonder many find Buttero appealing for leather crafts. Let’s look into what separates this leather from others you can find!

History and Origin

Leather | Battering Ram Bram leather| Canada Alberta Edmonton
Conceria WALPIER s.n.c, Image: Bram Leather

Founded in 1973, WALPIER is a third generation tannery registered with the Vera Pelle Association , famed for vegetable processing.

With a specialisation in raw leather, this tannery produces Pueblo, Nubuck and you guessed it, Buttero, which is Italian cowhides shoulder that has been through the vegetable-tan process. I would say that the main appeal out of the tannery would be bold colours matching its firm nature.

Characteristics and Aging

The texture of Buttero can be described as “So smooth!” with a bit of rubbery feel without being stretchy, at the same time, it scratches rather easily but develops a nice patina over time, which places this leather at its own distinct use and look for leather projects.

Top side of Buttero Leather in Black, Caramel and Navy(Left to Right)
Bottom side of leather in Black, Caramel and Navy (Left to Right)

Here I have with me three different colours of the Buttero leather hide, and some distinctive features I found includes:

  • Glossy sheen on the surface
  • Consistent through the edges
  • Soft to the touch but has a rigid form
  • Scratches and scuffs rather easily without leaving obvious marks(Looks great with patina)

These features are usually considered appealing on everyday use products, so the leather is actually very suitable for straps and wallets.

Customers Of Buttero Leather

As mentioned, the colouring is an added bonus considering the above features, so while it would fit in your everyday texture-wise, the look can also be fun and personal too. So, where can you find Buttero leather products? Below I have listed two strap maker that uses Buttero leather in their offerings as well as a custom leather goods crafter that can fulfill your other Buttero needs.

1) Nomad Watch Works – $39 USD/ 35USD

One of the most affordable option on this list for Buttero leather comes from Nomad Watch Works. While you don’t get the romance of having these leather straps crafted by a local craftsman, you get impeccable quality for the price.

Image: NomadWatchWorks

While you’re limited by customisation choices like stitch colour and strap length, you’re offered a palette of colour options to choose from( Black, Brown, Navy, Green and Tan). Overall, the strap feels great on the wrist and is burnished evenly. Above, the brown option is paired with the Boldr Venture. and makes a compatible combo.

If you’re in the market for a quality piece of Buttero leather, this is an option you should consider as your next.

2) Obbi Good Label – $120USD

Obbi Good Label’s line of Buttero straps, Image from

Obbi Good Label is a homegrown brand crafting leather products, including Buttero watch straps in an assortment of fun colours to choose from. From the buckle, cut and stitching, it is evident that this line focuses more on sportier watches, which I think is fits like a glove for the characteristic of Buttero leather.

OGL WTC Handstitch Buttero Watch Strap Brown, Image from :

Aside from straps, they also offer leather keyholder in Buttero as well as a local workshop with leathercrafting classes! Do check out their e-shop here, where you can find an array of leather products ranging from wallets to belts.

3) FinWatchStraps – €65 – 125

As an independent leather watch bands and accessories crafting family-owned company. FinWatchStraps produce a range of leather products handmade in Finland but ships worldwide. The Buttero leather that they used comes from the Walpier Tannery as well.

Walpier Buttero congac leather watch strap, Image from

With a hand-made to order fulfilment, customers are able to fully customise the strap to their liking on their online form. From edge-processing to lining for extra thickness, you have the option to customise your strap to your liking.

While doing so may bring extra costs, it is important to note that their base Buttero strap is a worthy alternative compared to other options.

4) Cattlehide – $119.99SGD

Another local brand we recommend for Buttero leather would be Cattlehide. As another customer of Conceria Walpier, you can expect great quality in hand-made crafts.

Having procured their Top Grade Buttero Belly, the leather crafts shimmers a rich blue look. If you are interested in having one made-to-order, feel free to give them a DM at their social media pages and Carousell account here!

At the point of writing, it seems that they only offer the leather in Navy, but you can send them a message to inquire of more options! I’m pretty sure Wee Kiat (Founder of Cattlehide) will find a way for you!

Final Thoughts

Buttero leather is a glossy smooth leather with room for patination, making it not only ideal for pairing with sport watches, but an assortment of leather crafts. Considering the number of colours this veg-tan product can come it, it gives a look and feel like not other. Regardless of the product, Buttero is definitely one of the higher tier non-exotic leather available for a fun touch in a rather mature product.

Having explored the many options that Buttero comes in, let’s see how creative you can have this leather made in, tag your Buttero leather products with #Nomad360 and share it with our community!

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