Zelos Horizons 200m 12Hr ‘Frost’ – Review

A creative new release by an undoubtedly hot micro-brand, the Zelos Horizons 39mm brings modern capabilities to old faithful ingenuity.

Do you admire the idea of tracking a second time-zone while having a preference of a no-nonsense, 3-handed watch? In that case, a 12-Hour Bezel is just for you. Today, we review this Zelos Horizon which features that, and then some.

12 Hour Bezel?

How does one tell two time-zones on a watch, could it only be done with a GMT watch? In my few years of exploring watches, I often come across that term and if asked, most people will associate that with:

  • Dual-Time Bezel Insert
  • Uni-Directional Bezel
  • A fourth hand aside from basic timekeeping

Basically, those are the additional parts going hand-in-hand with an additional, simple time-telling feature. How could one simplify that? Such that, perhaps, that additional hand and a GMT movement isn’t required? Easy, change that insert to a 12-hour one, and you have a pilot watch capable of telling two timezones.

How To Read A 12-Hour Bezel

Now, I have never owned a 12-hour bezel watch before, so when this came to me, I got rather curious of how it works. Turns out, it is stupidly simple to read after reading an online guide. Here’s an example:

Let’s cast aside the fact that a global pandemic is happening whilst this dual-time is being reviewed. Just imagine you’re taking a trip to Tokyo, Japan, from Singapore. So the change in time difference is + 1 hour, in that case, we off-set the bezel by + 1 hour. As you can see, the 6pm shown on the dial would be for Singapore, whereas the ‘7’ on the bezel that the hour hand is pointing to would be for Tokyo time.

Takes some getting used to, and admittedly, completely redundant considering time-telling and mathematics co-exists. But if you’re into plain practicality, you likely wouldn’t be here.


With 39mm in diameter, the 200m water-resistant case wears very well on my smaller-than-average wrist (6.4-inch). Having a 44mm Lug to Lug Length and 10.5mm thickness makes it sit low comfortably. My previous experience with the brand involves the Hammerhead series, which most will consider a large watch, so it was refreshing to have a bracelet designed to be able to taper onto smaller-sized wrists.

The Zelos Horizons 12Hr 'Frost' on wrist.

As an watch intended for travel-use, the Horizons line-up really provides much more than meets the eye. Aside from the dive-capable resistance with a screw-down crown, it has that bi-directional bezel for its use for telling another time. Just take a look at that brilliant lume!

Lume shot of the Zelos Horizons 12Hr 'Frost'

Upon closer look, the dial is textured with an outward way pattern, in this “frost” colourway though, it blends in not only the white dial but the white sapphire bezel insert as well.

If you know Zelos, you know that there is often the juxtaposed display of duo-coloured lumes. For the Zelos Horizons line-up, the dial and insert are covered in BGW9 , while the pencil hands and stick/arrow indices are C3 X1.

Caseback of the Zelos Horizons 12Hr 'Frost'

Encased with a solid case-back depicting a globe is the Miyota 9015 movement. While the 24-jewel movement is nothing to write home about, it is still hack-able, handwind-able and easily serviceable.

Zelos Horizons bracelet micro-adjust mechanism

Last but not least, the bracelet is brushed oyster-style with polished sides. What I really like is the quick-adjust clasp(shown above) and the quick release spring bars(shown below), which brings convenience to the otherwise mundane style.

Zelos Horizons bracelet quick release spring bars

My Wearing Experience

Full disclosure, this is on loan, so amidst this stay-home situation, I have no heartfelt story to share about it.

On the wrist, it wears incredibly well with sizing similar to the SKX013 pictured below, with a slight curvature on the lugs. The wrist-presence was palpable without having to worry about hitting it against anything. Admittedly, the lume shocked me when I first saw how the entire display illuminated the dark space of my room shortly after lights-out.

Comparison of the Zelos Horizons 12Hr 'Frost' with the 38mm Seiko SKX013
39mm Zelos Horizons with the 38mm Seiko SKX013

I would say that I usually orientate between divers and vintage pieces, but the resemblance with this piece with the former made it felt familiar aside from the big crown and 12-hour bezel. While I honestly had no use for it at the moment, the bezel action was stiff and wasn’t something I could fidget with. The overall package however, makes the watch feels right at home with the sizing and thoughtful nuances.

Zelos Horizons 'Frost' on a Nomad Watch Works Flex White Rubber Strap

I often lean towards NATO and bracelets for tool watches, but the Flex White Rubber Strap just matches the watch so well. The consistent colouring contrasts my somewhat tan skin tone and it’s really suitable for hot climates when one chooses to go with something other than the original bracelet.

Final Thoughts

The Zelos Horizons 39mm 200m collection released in 2020
Zelos 39mm Horizon line-up, Image from:

While the ‘Frost’ colorway for this model featured today has been sold out, you could still grab the other attractive colours from the Zelos Horizons collection. I personally really like the ‘Dusk’ and ‘Vintage grey’. If you had noticed, you also see the Field models in the bottom row with a very different appearance. Both models have an MSRP of $549 USD (~$738 SGD) with limited availability.

The main feature surround the watch is really the 12-Hour Bezel, which in essence lowers the price by excluding the additional complication, but still offers a mean to tell a second-time

If you wish to see a more up-close video review of this watch, check out our Youtube video here where we unboxed the watch and explored some strap pairings! To read up on more local microbrands, check out this article where we look at 10 of our picks.

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