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Thenomad360 Holiday Gift Guide 2020

'Tis the season to be jolly. In this holiday gift guide, we look at items to bring bliss to your loved ones as a mean of celebration for not just the various holidays, but for the eventful year as well.

For many, 2020 has been a rather eventful year, consisting not only of an unexpected pandemic but taxing elections and a vexing economy. As much as staying-home has become the norm, the term ‘Relaxing’ still remains more past than the present. With holidays lurking in the corner, let’s take time to end this year on a special note! In this post, we have compiled a list of gift to spoil your loved ones.

This list is sorted in terms of pricing and mostly comprises of #SupportLocal options which support our local businesses!

Gifts For The 20th Century Technophile


Apple Watch Leather Strap – $35 SGD

With the introduction of the Apple Watch Series 6 and SE, many are looking for new straps for pairing different outfits. With hundreds of customisation options available, here’s one just to get started.

Gift Smart Watch Strap option: Apple Watch Leather Strap in Navy with Silver Buckle - Single Tour from Nomad Watch Works
Apple Watch Leather Strap in Navy with Silver Buckle – Single Tour, Image from:

I would say Blue, Black and Brown are the more prominent colours in a men’s’ wardrobe, so changing up the strap to a suitable navy one like the one in the picture above dresses-up an outfit. Despite being a device more geared towards practical use, having a nice case or strap really changes how it would feel day-to-day.

Accessorizing the Apple watch doesn’t stop here though, In one of our previous article, we talked about the different products you can use to instantly upgrade and beautify your Apple Watch.


Prism+ Monitor- From $249 SGD

The current Work-From-Home(WFH) situation in Singapore makes it such that laptops are of heavy reliance, however, due to the size, it’s really not easy to maintain good posture for long with such a set-up. A solution for eye and back strains would be a monitor comfortable for viewing.

Gift Tech Monitor option: Collage of various Prism+ set-ups
Collage of various Prism+ set-ups, Images from :

I would say having a Monitor really makes a lot of difference when sitting and viewing for a long period of time. For myself, I own the base option W240 model at $249 SGD( At the time of writing, it has been discounted to $189 for BFCM!). Even the most basic model works well for me, powering through writing articles, programming and even gaming.

Gifts For The Stay-At-Home Aesthete


Analogue Apotik Handcrafted Candle – $85 MYR( ~$29 SGD )

A good scent is something often overlooked in men, but it is hard to deny that everyone likes having a pleasant aroma around them. In that case, how about beautifully-made candles?

Gift Fragance option for men: Analogue Apotik Handcrafted-Candle, Breath of Deus
Analogue Apotik Breath of Deus Handcrafted-Candle, Image from:

Analogue Apotik provides handmade candles at a fairly reasonable price. Based in Malaysia, the brand surrounds itself in a theme paying tribute to the spirit of the old in a modern environment. The candles produces negative ions too! which clears the air pollutants while diffusing its scent.

While gifting cologne is more of the norm, a candle has a broader scent range and is less personal, which makes it a safe bet for a great gift.


Nomad Watch Works Leather Valet Tray – $79 SGD

Speaking of multi-purpose interior design. Personally, I feel that storage is often overlooked by men. After a long day, it is easy to just throw everyday carry items around and have to find them the next morning. If you know someone who frequently panics in the wee-hours in the morning looking for their keys, this is that ideal gift.

Gift Organiser option for men: Nomad Watch Works Leather Valet Tray
Nomad Watch Works Leather Valet Tray, Image from:

Available in both grey and brown suede interior, this sturdy tray doubles as interior-design addition to a bed-side table. Storage doesn’t have to be boring, when arranged neatly, it can form visual aesthetics aside from much-needed practicality. If you like to learn more about a Valet Tray, take a look at this article!

The dedicated storage spaces fits pretty much any small-sized item, how you arrange it is up to what you have and how you like it. Not to mention, with the upcoming BFCM sale, it is surely a hard one to miss!



SYMFONISK Table Lamp with speaker in white
SYMFONISK Table Lamp with speaker in white, Image from:

Merging home furnishing with technology is quite a cutting-edge topic, so when two industry-leading companies work together for this, you know it would be good. As futuristic as it is for a piece of light-emitting furniture to also produce music, I think this lamp has been done right.

Sonos has been highly acclaimed to be a great option of speakers, so when I found out that IKEA made this with them, I had to take a look. Available in Black and White, this is truly a home decor worthy of fitting into any WFH space.

Gifts For The Wanderer In An Urban Jungle

Film Camera – Canon AE-1 – Around $260USD( $350 SGD )

Canon AE-1 Program
Canon AE-1 Program, Image from:

I consider film photography a hit-or-miss, due to the convenience and practicality of digital, so determining if the other party is someone who appreciates the art of film-making is therefore important. As a contender for film camera though, this hefty SLR could be one’s first and final gateway to the hobby.

Filem Singapore is where I got mine. As a starting point, I have no regrets purchasing this somewhat retro device, capturing some of my favourite moments in life.

Store Gift Cards

Many believe gifting can only be in the form of physical items, I dissent. If you are unclear if the other party may like the item or not, or if they actually need it, how about an alternative?

Nomad Watch Works Retail and Online Gift Cards
Nomad Watch Works Retail and Online Gift Cards, Image from:

Store credit as a form of “Here’s money to spend on this store, you pick what you want from it” makes sense because details like mistaking a strap’s width could mean the item would not get any use out of it.

This less-personal option is really the middle-ground between a physical item and straight-cash. The caveat though is if the gent truly desires nothing from the store, so it is safer to pick a store with a wide selection of items catering his hobby. As Singapore’s largest strap bar, Nomad Watch Works’ gift card is a suitable option for all watch hobbyist.

Final Thoughts

Picking the right gift can be tough, as our layout suggests, knowing what type of giftee you’re choosing for goes a long way. All in all, companionship is the winning factor amidst the pandemic, it is most important to stay safe together for the holidays!

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