5 Worthy Homages To The Rolex Submariner

The most common question asked around is, "What is the best watch to buy?" Watches differ based on their uses and personal preferences. However, the most iconic and recognisable watch is, without a doubt, the Rolex Submariner. It is the pioneer of modern watchmaking and the inspiration for many watch brands across the globe.

The Rolex Submariner- what more can be said about it that hasn’t already been said? A true breakthrough in modern technology that has become one of the best-selling watches worldwide. The waiting list for it could take up to 3 years. There are other alternatives to Rolex that are just as good and provides satisfactory functionality. I have compiled a list of 5 worthy homages to the almighty Rolex Submariner.

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But first, it is important to understand the reason behind the Submariner’s overwhelming popularity. It is every diver’s dream watch due to its unique features:

  • Equipped with self-winding mechanical movements
  • Exclusive blue Parachrom hairspring giving great stability in light of changing temperature
  • 10 times more precise than a traditional hairspring in case of shocks
  • Waterproof depth up to 300 meters
  • Protection against water, dust, pressure and shocks
  • Consists of a Trip lock winding crown with a waterproof system that is secure
  • Has a unidirectional rotatable bezel for a steady grip when setting the dive time
  • Chroma light capsule to provide light for divers during deep and dark underwater exploration
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There are worthy homages to Rolex Submariners that have similar functions and more. These other brands do not have the same name recognition as Rolex. However, they produce top-notch products worthy of discussion.

1) Seiko SNZF17 “Sea Urchin”

The founder of Seiko and Rolex both had a common goal: revolutionise the watch industry. Seiko has a history dating back to the 19th century. It was first introduced in 1965 and has gone through many years of innovation to match its peers.

Seiko watches are relatively inexpensive. Hence, this watch is made to appeal to those on a budget.

Photo Credits to Seiko

This design clearly takes inspiration from the Rolex Submariner. With their talent, they improved the design to be bigger, better and more attractive. Moreover, its build is solid and the movement is comparable to premium brands. It is comfortable on the wrist and well-finished to give it a presentable look.

It is a nice watch that captures the essence of the style of the Submariner. Water-resistance is at 100 meters and it is not the best for deep diving. However, it is perfect for swimming and day-to-day activities.

Photo Credits to Seiko

In paper, Seiko may not match all of Rolex’s functions. In spite of this, Seiko is close to the style of the Submariner for a decent price.

Price: $165

2) Hamilton Khaki Navy Scuba Auto

The Hamilton watch company produced its first watch in 1893. Over the years, with more mergers and acquisitions it grew to be one of the leading manufacturers of watches.

Photo Credits to Hamilton

Hamilton is considered a cheaper alternative for consumers while still providing quality and interesting designs. Clearly, Hamilton is a good investment.

This watch can withstand pressure to a depth of 100 meters, albeit not as deep as the submariner, but for divers that do not venture too deep, this is suitable for them. Furthermore, Hamilton has an updated look with various colours, patterns and designs. This gives users a bold and more fashionable look that can fit various dress codes. Also, it is getting more popular among the middle age and younger generations.

Photo Credits to Hamilton

Best of all, it has a superior power reserve of 80 hours. Wind the watch up and leave it through the weekend and pick it back up again with no worries! Hamilton is just as reliable and well-made as the other premium brands. This alone earns it a place on this list.

Price: $695 on fabric strap and $745 on bracelet

3) Steinhart Ocean Vintage Military

Developed by Steinhart Timepieces, this is a fairly new micro brand launched only in 2001. Despite its short history, it has developed a huge following online and in retail. The Ocean Vintage Military is a clear homage to the Rolex Submariner. Furthermore, the design is taken but re-imagined and given its own original spin.

Photo Credits to Steinhart

There is a misconception that this is just a cheap Rolex. This is far from the truth as the watches are made to the highest Swiss standards. It comes with a domed sapphire crystal, good quality oyster-style steel bracelet and a double AR internal coating. In addition, I find it almost unbelievable as virtually no other brands provide this quality for such a low cost.

It does not have all the unique features of a Rolex. However, it is cost efficient and effective.

Photo Credits to Steinhart

In addition, it takes the looks of the Submariner 5517 and adds its own features to create an affordable watch that looks expensive and trendy. Importantly, it is appealing for users to purchase these watches as they feel good that they own a worthy substitute.

Price: Around $600

4) Invicta 8926

Invicta watches were created as early as 1837. It’s creator, Raphael Picard had a vision to create luxury watches for affordable prices. For over a century, it was popular and well-loved due to its quality and appealing design. However, the “quartz attack” in the 1970’s forced Invicta watches away from the scene. After that, almost all the watches disappeared from existence.

Photo Credits to Invicta

Thankfully, the original descendants of Invicta relaunched the brand. Today, it is among the fastest-growing microbrands in the industry. It will be able to compete with premium brands in the future.

Invicta is well-known for top quality and stylish watches. The main appeal is its 40-millimetre subcase. It incorporates the best features of the Submariner and watch enthusiasts will appreciate this. While many brands attempt their own take on the subcase, Invicta wisely borrows and improves on something iconic.

Photo Credits to Invicta

It wears very well on the wrist and does not require any adjusting or tugging. The finishing of the product is commendable. It is sharp, clean and aesthetically pleasing. Additionally, it does not look unrefined, which can be common in some micro brands.

Lastly, considering it is water resistant to a depth of 200 meters and of a high quality, it is definitely a bargain.

Price: $109

5) Orient Ray II

The Orient watch brand dates back to 1901 where it sold pocket watches. Now, they are well-respected for their beautiful diving watches and understanding of the craft.

Photo Credits to Orient

The Orient Ray II has many features of the Rolex Submariner. It has a unidirectional corrugated bezel and luminescent hands and markers. Similarly, it has a stainless-steel bracelet. In addition, it has a solid built making it safe for intense activities and is water resistant up to 200 meters.

The matte black dial is surrounded by the chapter ring that gives it a lavish feel. It looks far more expensive than its price would otherwise suggest. Also, Orient does a magnificent job with the day-date window. The hands are chromed with the hour hand resembling an arrow. In other words, it has a special and cool design but it is still extremely legible.

Photo Credits to Orient

In conclusion, it is a good buy due to its good quality and affordable price. No “worthy homages to Rolex submariners list” is complete without this.

Price: $200

In summary, there are many worthy homages to the Rolex Submariner. I hope I have given all of you some ideas of the different watches available.

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